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University of Oklahoma Outreach, College of Continuing Education


Executive Training
— Team Quest

...a unit within University of Oklahoma Outreach, equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective.

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Executive Training
— Team Quest

3200 Marshall Avenue, Suite 201
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Phone: (405) 325-0464
(800) 522-0772, ext. 0464
Fax: (405) 325-1632

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Training Tools

Trainer Games in Action"Trainer Games in Action, Volume One & Two"

Most trainers enjoy learning how to incorporate games and activities into their curriculum; however, many are limited to activities they have experienced themselves. Though there are dozens of excellent game and activity books on the market, many trainers are not comfortable using an activity they have not seen or experienced before. Trainer Games in Action, Volume One & Two fills this gap between written instructions and participation in a workshop.
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Expression CardsExpression Cards

Use expression cards as a training tool! Expression cards allow participants opportunities to introduce themselves in a safe way. Many times at the beginning of a training, participants are reserved and quiet. Expression cards give the trainer the ability to invite participants to introduce themselves to the group in an exciting and different way. More information . . .


"A Leadershipp Paradox" book coverA Leadership Paradox: Influencing Others by Defining Yourself

By Greg Robinson with Mark Rose

A fundamental assumption in most of the literature on leadership is that a few will need to control the many. Looking backward over history, a subtle belief has remained through revolutions, reformations and revivals--the belief that someone must tell the masses how to live, arising from a fundamental mistrust of others and of self. This assumption leads to a search for power but with an either/or mindset: if I have power, then others cannot have as much as me or they will be a threat. Overall, this book draws from theology, organizational development, psychology, and educational theory to examine the leader’s role in the process of sustainable change. This book focuses on what could be called meta-skills. Rather than prescribe particular answers to issues, meta-skills equip people to discover solutions regardless of the particulars of the situation. More information . . .


"Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent" book coverMentor Manager, Mentor Parent:How to Develop Responsible People and Build Successful Relationships at Work and at Home

By Linda Culp Dowling and Cecile Culp Mielenz, Ph. D.

Managers and parents can use the same mentoring strategies to encourage initiative in their own employees and children. Co-authors management coach Linda Culp Dowling and parent educator Cecile Culp Mielenz describe their unique perspective of mentoring in their new book. More information . . .




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